Using GastroElm Plus



Acute Illness

During acute illness, you can add an additional dose or two during the day as needed.  It is best to give additional doses through out the day instead of giving twice as much at one time.

Mixing GastroElm Plus I used to mix it in a Magic Bullet, but now I've found a better solution. I simply shake it in these little four ounce Rubbermaid snack containers.   These will stand up best for reuse and washing in the dishwasher.  The cheaper one shown below is also an option, I found a 6 pack of them at Target for $2.29.

1. Fill with 3-4 ounces of water.  If you use a slightly larger container use 4 oz of water.  If you use these small snack cups you can use 3 ounces and then add a 3/4 tablespoon of powder so it doesn't get too thick.

2.  Add 1 tablespoon (or slightly less) of GastroElm Plus powder.

3.  Shake for ten seconds and allow to sit for a minute.  It will turn into a smooth gel.  Use an oral syringe to measure the correct dose for small animals.

* Leftover gel can be stored in this container in the fridge for up to a week.

** If you find it's too thick, simply add a little more water or use a little less powder the next time.

For horses, you can add the prepared gel to their feed or give using a large syringe.  For maintenance in horses you can simply use the powder to top dress feed as well.

For large dogs you can add gel to food or use the same large syringe. Smaller oral syringes are available at most pharmacies and vet offices.  They typically carry either 10ml or 12ml sizes which are perfect for small animals.  Our local pharmacy gives them away for free if you ask.  If you are unable to find them locally, they are on Amazon.  

Making it taste better!

For Dogs and Cats:  You can mix GastroElm Plus using homemade bone broth which is low in fat and sodium.  You can also use low sodium or homemade chicken broth instead of mixing with water.   After mixing you can also add the gel to food or mix it with other things that your dog or cat likes.  One that works great for cats is mixing it with water from canned tuna or sardines.  Wild Planet has a No Salt Added sardine packed in water that is perfect for this!  

For Horses:  You can mix GastroElm Plus powder with apple juice or aloe vera juice instead of water if those are appealing.  Mixing with aloe vera juice is a great way to treat stubborn ulcers.  You can also use the powder mixed into sticky feed, add apples, molasses or anything else that your horse enjoys.  It's very flexible for horses.  

$43.95 for a Big Bag which is 90 Tablespoons, a 3 month supply for a horse or large dog.  Save $8 on a Twin Pack for $79.95!

$29.95 for a Small Bag which is 50 Tablespoons, almost a one year supply for an animal that's 20 pounds or less.

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If you have a dog with pancreatitis, I have documented the journey with our toy poodle Angel, that led to developing this product. You can read her story at:

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