Putting Weight On A Saddlebred Rescue

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This is Sam. We adopted him from a saddlebred rescue (The American Saddlebred Legacy Foundation) as a four year old. He was so super nervous. So hard to keep weight on. We tried fat supplements, different feeds, ulcer prevention supplements and medications, calming supplements. Nothing really worked. People couldn’t believe I rode him because he was so “crazy”.

Saddlebred Rescue Horse

I kept seeing GastroElm Plus in my Facebook feed, so I went out on a limb and ordered some. It was like a miracle. He is much, much less anxious (not totally gone, but I just think that’s never going to go away completely). His attitude has changed so much (but not his personality) that my 12 year old daughter was able to start riding and competing him (she’s now 14 and they’re a stronger team than ever).

He has completely changed in the weight department (he will never look “fat” simply due to his structure and likely malnutrition as a younger). In fact, a few days ago I noticed he’s got a (much needed) little fat pad at his shoulder. He gets a scoop daily with his feed and right before being ridden or going on the trailer to a show. I highly recommend it to anyone who has a horse with anxiety or suspicion of ulcers. He’ll never not be on it.

Thank you for this product!

Amy F.

PS.  Here is a picture of Sam before GastroElm Plus when he was struggling to put weight on.

Underweight Saddlebred Horse

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