GastroElm Plus Helps Boxer with Bloody and Black Stools

Posted by Michael Peterson on

Boxer With Bloody / Black Stools

I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to GastroElm Plus!

My sweetheart Zoe who turns 4 years old this month, has had pancreatitis twice in the last two years and constantly had bloody/black stools and horrible smelling gas. She has been on prescription dog food for the last 1 1/2 yrs. She gets NO human food. She had been on antibiotics and prednisone and it would help somewhat while she was on them, but her bloody and black stools kept coming back. The vet had no solution.

I read a recommendation by someone in my Facebook boxers group to another person regarding their boxer for GastroElm Plus who had acute pancreatitis and I immediately went to your site and bought it. She gets it twice a day with her food and within TWO days her stools changed dramatically. No more black or bloody stools. No more horrible smelling farts. It’s been about four weeks and she has done nothing but improve.  I wanted to wait to see if it was a coincidence.  IT WAS NOT!!!   Even my husband who was skeptical agrees.
THANK YOU SO MUCH!  I truly believe you saved her life♥️♥️ 


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