GastroElm Plus Helped Both Dogs With Pancreatitis

Posted by Michael Peterson on

GastroElm Plus for Dogs with Pancreatitis.

Omg!!! Where do I start...gastroelm is a blessing, angel in disguise, a TRUE LIFE SAVER!!! BOTH my dogs have pancreatitis.

I joined a group on Facebook for it to learn all I could to help my babies...well that has been over 2yrs ago now and right after I joined gastroelm plus was recommended and I immediately placed an order.

My dogs have switched to prescription dog food and still get flare ups from time to time...HOWEVER it doesn't cost me a $600.00 vet bill anymore and a chance of them not surviving another attack...I run to the cupboard and make a double batch of this miracle powder and in just one dose my dogs are starting to feel better and the belly gurgling is diminishing!!! I have since introduced family and friends to this AMAZING PRODUCT for their fur babies as well!!! So so so so so worth every penny spent!!!

My babies probably would NOT be here without this...I can almost guarantee they wouldn't. Thank you so much for making an awesome product for our babies!!!

Katrina S.

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